Xurpas Bets on AI

Launches XAIL to guide companies in utilizing AI-powered solutions to address real business challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a potential game-changer across many industries. According to the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) AI roadmap, AI has the potential to boost the Philippine economy by USD$92 billion in the next six years. From revolutionizing customer experiences to streamlining operations, AI is transforming the way business is done.

Continuing its mission to lead digital transformation and empower businesses and organizations through technology, local company Xurpas Enterprise is set to launch Xurpas AI Lab or XAIL on October 19, 2023. XAIL aims to empower businesses to maximize the potential of AI in solving real problems and unlocking untapped opportunities.

“AI is the catalyst to revolutionizing the way businesses operate from streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences,” says XAIL General Manager Fernando Jude Garcia. “At XAIL, we harness the power of intelligent algorithms and data-driven insights, enabling businesses to discern trends, make informed decisions, and propel strategic growth with precision and confidence,” he continues.

XAIL adopts a practical approach to AI, ensuring their solutions are purpose-built and deliver tangible business results. Regardless of the industry or a company’s readiness level, XAIL offers consultative, end-to-end expertise. They guide organizations in evaluating, implementing, and adopting AI tailored to their unique needs, providing valuable insights and fostering growth where it truly matters. “We, at XAIL, seek to foster a genuine partnership with each of our clients to better understand and help find solutions to their business challenges. From AI-driven analytics, automation tools, personalized customer experiences, and even software engineering, our consultants will recommend the most suitable AI integration to make business operations more efficient,” explains Garcia. “We go beyond the usual consultancy services, with our combined expertise in AI, Data Science, and software engineering, we aim to guide our clients through all the phases of their AI journey, ultimately leading to their business success.”

As the world moves forward to push the boundaries of technology, XAIL is adamant about working hand in hand with its clients to bring the widely untapped world of AI to businesses while empowering its people to drive growth through innovation.

About Xurpas Enterprise A wholly owned subsidiary of Xurpas Inc, a trusted, publicly listed technology company with 25 years of experience. We focus on helping our customers by offering digital transformation services including website and mobile app development, software solutions for enterprise resource planning and HRIS, IT staff augmentation, and more.
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